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Former exec sues Mets, alleging she was fired for being single and pregnant

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated September 10th at 2:34pm 274647441

Hey, NFL! See, see! You’re not the only ones who can get embroiled in a scandal involving the alleged mistreatment of women!

Per the NY Post comes news that a former Mets executive says she was fired by the team because she was about to become an unwed mother. Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but some of the details of the suit are disgusting. Per the Post:

Penn grad and former soccer player Leigh Castergine said Wilpon and the Mets dumped her from her powerful position as head of marketing and ticket sales last month because the bumbling ownership was “morally opposed” to her out of wedlock pregnancy.

“He frequently humiliated Castergine in front of others by, among other things, pretending to see if she had an engagement ring on her finger and openly stating in a meeting of the Team’s all-male senior executives that he is ‘morally opposed’ to Castergine ‘having this baby without being married,’” the suit states.

“Wilpon told her that, when she gets a ring, she will make more money and get a bigger bonus,” the suit states.

Wilpon told Castergine that “something had changed” in Castergine after the birth of her child – with still no ring on her finger,” the suit states. “Wilpon told her that was no longer as ‘aggressive” as she used to be.”

And when she complained about this behavior, the suit says, Castergine was fired.

Wednesday (If the Vikings can beat the Patriots ...) edition: Wha' Happened?

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated September 10th at 3:42pm 274610691

casselOn Sunday, we warned everyone not to get ahead of themselves. It was one game for the Vikings, one nice win — one dominant performance against bad quarterbacks, even if that scenario had produced career days for opponents in years past.

It wasn’t the time to go make bold extrapolations about how the rest of the season was going to play out.

Well, apparently three days later the time has come to jump to conclusions because we can’t stop looking at the Vikings’ schedule and wondering, “what if?”

What if they can beat New England in their home opener on Sunday? It’s not crazy. The Patriots looked ordinary in a Week 1 loss at Miami, and the Vikings’ looked better than most of us expected.

If that happens, of course, Minnesota is suddenly 2-0 after going into the season with a stretch of games many considered daunting. Even if they could make it out of the first six 3-3 — very reasonable if they can win Sunday — it would set them up well for the rest of the season, when their schedule (at least as we think we know it based on 2013 and early results this year) softens.

If the Vikings can beat New England, suddenly a record of 9-7 feels very realistic.  Of course, you’ll recall that in Brad Childress’ first season, the Vikings were 4-2 and generating all kinds of good will heading into a showdown with the Patriots, who ended up routing Minnesota 31-7 in the Dome with a smart quick-strike pass attack.

This is eight years later. Different team, different coach. But in a league in which every game is of massive importance (relatively speaking, of course), Sunday’s game could be the benchmark by which we can measure true optimism this season.

TFD: Ex-Gopher, NFL RB Marion Barber III arrested after allegedly flashing gun in church

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated September 10th at 9:26am 274533981

Well, here’s another sad, head-scratching story from TMZ — this one involving former Gophers and NFL running back Marion Barber III. Barber was arrested in June — at the time, few details were known — but these details on the incident have emerged from a police report:

According to the police report, cops were first called to the scene after the former Dallas Cowboys star entered a church with a loaded 9mm handgun — and 3 magazines … containing 51 hollow-point bullets. 

When cops got to the church, officers say Barber seemed disoriented — and one cop says “He heard Barber state he did not know what year it was or where he was at.” 

Cops spoke with a pastor at the church who told them … Barber had been speaking erratically inside the church and “removed his jacket showing the congregants his firearm in public.”

Tuesday (There is a trail of evidence, and that is a good thing) edition: Wha' Happened?

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated September 9th at 11:56am 274476661

thecircleWe’re in the middle of reading Dave Eggers’ novel, “The Circle,” which is centered around an altruistic, insanely profitable Internet company that bears some suspicious resemblance to what we imagine Google is like in real life.

We’re only about 120 pages in, but one of the early ideas focuses on tiny cameras that can be placed all around the world so that no deed, good or bad, ever goes unnoticed or unrecorded. Knowing Eggers’ work, we have a pretty strong feeling things won’t turn out to be all so keen with these devices or The Circle in general, but the idea did lead to this thought: we’re not that far off from such a thing in reality, and at least in the case of some of sports’ latest scandals, that’s not a bad thing.

Without cameras, the Ray Rice incident becomes a he said, she said affair — no less horrific, but without the images seared into our brains, the visceral reaction would be muted. Based on the way Rice’s wife continues to defend him, despite the fact that video seems to show he punched her and knocked her unconscious, we have to imagine this incident would have gone away far more quietly than it deserved to, and Rice would still be playing for the Ravens — which he does not deserve.

In the case of alleged racism with the Atlanta Hawks, an electronic paper trail and recording of a conference call are at the forefront of the evidence. A generation ago, maybe everything terrible that was said to have been uttered just drifts away into the wind or winds up in a garbage can.

Donald Sterling? An audio recording.

Much of this isn’t earth-shattering technology to most of us, but it is technology that hasn’t existed for the vast majority of human existence. The bottom line now is that throughout the world, up to and certainly including the sports world, there is a trail of evidence and it will only continue to mount.

That probably will not end up being a good thing in Eggers’ “The Circle,” as we can only imagine the unintended consequences of all of society’s movements being recorded, but if it means powerful people in the sports world are being held accountable for what appear to be despicable actions, the more evidence the better.

TFD: Hey Rams -- make a trade for Christian Ponder already

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated September 9th at 7:22am 274400811

bridgewaterThe Rams are already without projected starting QB Sam Bradford. Shaun Hill was injured in the first half against the Vikings and is reportedly deemed a long shot to play next week.

That means St. Louis is poised to start either Austin Davis (the not ready for prime time player who subbed in for Hill against the Vikings) or Case Keenum, who helped preside over the Texans’ 2-14 disaster last year with an 0-8 record as a starter.

So, Rams, some free advice: The team that just blasted you 34-6 has a third-string quarterback who, despite struggles here, is better than anyone you have healthy by a decent margin.

His name is Christian Ponder, and if you have a late-round draft pick to offer we suspect he could be yours.

It didn’t make sense before Week 1 because Hill is a decent stopgap and a team wouldn’t move a QB to an opponent it was about to face because of game-planning reasons.

But now, with that game done and Hill ailing? It makes perfect sense. Keenum is an immobile, less accurate version of Ponder. Davis is not ready. You need a QB. Ponder needs a fresh start. Make it happen.


Toronto - LP: M. Stroman 2 FINAL
Baltimore - WP: W. Chen 5
Washington - WP: S. Strasburg 4 FINAL
Atlanta - LP: E. Santana 2
Miami - WP: S. Dyson 6 FINAL
NY Mets - LP: J. Familia 5
NY Yankees - LP: S. Kelley 0 FINAL
Tampa Bay - WP: J. Peralta 1
Cincinnati - LP: P. Villarreal 0 FINAL
Chicago Cubs - WP: H. Rondon 1
Chicago WSox - LP: J. Petricka 3 FINAL
Kansas City - WP: W. Davis 4
Cleveland - LP: Z. McAllister 1 FINAL
Houston - WP: C. McHugh 3
Detroit - WP: K. Ryan 8 FINAL
Minnesota - LP: C. Fien 6
Los Angeles - WP: J. Wright 11 FINAL
Colorado - LP: C. Bergman 3
San Francisco - LP: R. Vogelsong 2 FINAL
Arizona - WP: W. Miley 6
Seattle - LP: H. Iwakuma 1 FINAL
LA Angels - WP: M. Shoemaker 8
Philadelphia - LP: J. Williams 0 FINAL
San Diego - WP: A. Cashner 1
Philadelphia 30 FINAL
Indianapolis 27
Tampa Bay 9/18/14 7:25 PM
San Diego 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Dallas 9/21/14 12:00 PM
St. Louis
Washington 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Houston 9/21/14 12:00 PM
NY Giants
Minnesota 9/21/14 12:00 PM
New Orleans
Tennessee 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Baltimore 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Green Bay 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Indianapolis 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Oakland 9/21/14 12:00 PM
New England
San Francisco 9/21/14 3:05 PM
Denver 9/21/14 3:25 PM
Kansas City 9/21/14 3:25 PM
Pittsburgh 9/21/14 7:30 PM
(5) Auburn 9/18/14 6:30 PM
(20) Kansas State
Connecticut 9/19/14 7:00 PM
So Florida
Old Dominion 9/20/14 11:00 AM
Troy 9/20/14 11:00 AM
(13) Georgia
Georgia Tech 9/20/14 11:00 AM
Virginia Tech
Eastern Mich 9/20/14 11:00 AM
(11) Michigan State
Iowa 9/20/14 11:00 AM
Bowling Green 9/20/14 11:00 AM
(19) Wisconsin
Maryland 9/20/14 11:30 AM
Tulane 9/20/14 11:30 AM
Hawaii 9/20/14 1:00 PM
Marshall 9/20/14 1:00 PM
North Carolina 9/20/14 2:30 PM
East Carolina
Army 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Wake Forest
Virginia 9/20/14 2:30 PM
(21) BYU
(6) Texas A&M 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Rutgers 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Central Mich 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Utah 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Florida 9/20/14 2:30 PM
(3) Alabama
Louisville 9/20/14 2:30 PM
Fla Atlantic 9/20/14 3:00 PM
Indiana 9/20/14 3:00 PM
(18) Missouri
San Jose St 9/20/14 3:00 PM
Texas State 9/20/14 3:00 PM
Massachusetts 9/20/14 3:00 PM
Penn State
Georgia State 9/20/14 5:00 PM
Appalachian St 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Southern Miss
Miss State 9/20/14 6:00 PM
(8) LSU
Northern Ill 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Middle Tennessee 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Utah State 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Arkansas State
Miami-Ohio 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Idaho 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Ohio U
Ball State 9/20/14 6:00 PM
(14) So Carolina 9/20/14 6:30 PM
(4) Oklahoma 9/20/14 6:30 PM
West Virginia
Ga Southern 9/20/14 6:30 PM
South Alabama
UNLV 9/20/14 7:00 PM
(22) Clemson 9/20/14 7:00 PM
(1) Florida State
Miami-Florida 9/20/14 7:00 PM
(24) Nebraska
New Mexico 9/20/14 7:00 PM
New Mexico St
California 9/20/14 9:00 PM
Louisiana 9/20/14 9:30 PM
Boise State
(2) Oregon 9/20/14 9:30 PM
Washington St
San Diego St 9/20/14 9:30 PM
Oregon State
Toronto 9/19/14 9:00 PM
Brt Columbia
Edmonton 9/20/14 6:00 PM
Calgary 9/21/14 12:00 PM
Ottawa 9/21/14 3:00 PM


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