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Your Minnesota Timberwolves' NBA draft odds

Posted by: Michael Rand Updated July 16th at 12:17pm 261678841

The artist formerly known as Commenter RandBallsStu, who is now Steve Neuman and was recently hired as a Digital Producer at MPR, wants to tell you a thing or two about the Wolves’ odds in tonight’s NBA Draft. Would you like to join him? Of course!


3-1: Wolves draft Stauskas, McMullen or Payne.  Fans talk themselves into liking the pick.

5-1: Kevin Love is traded, Wolves acquire pick in addition to their own that’s below 13th.  Draft whoever’s remaining out of Stauskas, McDermott or Payne.  Fans talk themselves into liking the picks.

6-1: Kevin Love is traded, Wolves acquire pick in addition to their own that is higher than 13th.  Joel Embiid falls to them, they draft him, and his foot falls off.  Not a metaphor.  It literally falls off, right on TV.

13-2: Wolves trade down.  Whoever is taken at 13th becomes a 9-time All-Star.  Wolves take somebody from the Euroleague who turns out to be a Russian spy from a newly reactivated Directorate S.  Everyone goes to jail for treason.

15-1: Wolves sleep through draft.  Longtime observers rate it as a top 5 draft for the franchise.

20-1: Wolves trade down twice.  In addition to the 9-time All-Star at 13, the guy in the second slot ends up being a prototypical shooting guard.  The Wolves select a grocery bag full of wet oatmeal. It leaks all over Adam Silver’s shoes on the stage. “We like its upside,” says a team source.  Fans talk themselves into liking the pick.

28-1: Wolves pick LeBron James.  “We’re confident a close examination of the draft rules say that you can draft a free agent,” says a team source.  “At least we’re pretty sure.  I’m gonna Google it just to be sure here, hold on…oh.  Ooooooh, no.  I’ll call you back.”

50-1: It involves a shark eating Ricky Rubio and the return of Ricky Davis and Mark Blount.  The circumstances are unclear, but it involves the Spanish Prisoner scenario, stolen art from World War II and singer Taylor Dayne.  Also: fire.  Just so much fire.

100-1: Something good happens.


New England 2/1/15 5:30 PM
Minnesota 90 4th Qtr 2:16
Philadelphia 98
Houston 69 3rd Qtr 0:27
Boston 64
Portland 74 4th Qtr
Atlanta 69
Sacramento 57 3rd Qtr 2:34
Cleveland 75
Toronto 90 3rd Qtr 2:11
Brooklyn 80
Dallas 33 3rd Qtr
Miami 45
LA Clippers 54 3rd Qtr
New Orleans 53
Golden State 2 1st Qtr 9:09
Utah 8
Chicago 9:30 PM
Pittsburgh 0 3rd Prd 9:04
New Jersey 1
St. Louis 2 3rd Prd 6:21
Carolina 2
Nashville 0 1st Prd 17:25
Colorado 0
Buffalo 9:00 PM
Chicago 9:00 PM
Harvard 75 FINAL
Princeton 72
Quinnipiac 57 FINAL
Canisius 63
Brown 49 FINAL
Cornell 57
Siena 79 FINAL
Manhattan 87
Marist 65 FINAL
Niagara 61
Dartmouth 51 FINAL
Penn 58
Oregon 45 2nd Half 13:22
Arizona State 43
Yale 43 2nd Half 16:40
Columbia 37
Monmouth 32 2nd Half 17:14
Fairfield 24
IUPUI 39 2nd Half 12:12
Western Ill 40
Oregon State 9:00 PM
Kent State 9:00 PM
Canisius 75 FINAL
Monmouth 58
Butler 67 FINAL
Providence 59
Cornell 65 FINAL
Brown 52
Columbia 47 FINAL
Yale 55
Coll of Charleston 47 FINAL
Drexel 64
Penn 55 FINAL
Dartmouth 39
Elon 60 FINAL
James Madison 89
(19) Princeton 96 FINAL
Harvard 46
(9) Florida State 82 FINAL
Georgia Tech 62
Quinnipiac 87 FINAL
Siena 62
Richmond 54 FINAL
Rhode Island 50
Loyola-Chicago 58 FINAL
Southern Ill 64
Georgetown 20 2nd Half
DePaul 48
Villanova 40 2nd Half 20:00
Marquette 32
Wichita State 35 2nd Half 16:28
Northern Iowa 14
Xavier 36 2nd Half 15:15
Creighton 43
Bradley 41 2nd Half 17:59
Illinois State 30
Missouri State 42 2nd Half 20:00
Drake 49
Arizona 10 1st Half 12:49
Utah 6
(11) Arizona State 2 1st Half 16:48
Colorado 4


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