Oh, the selfie.

Few digital era habits provoke such divided reaction. Selfies might be the end of the world. Or they might be the new way we communicate. (We wrote a story about that debate.)

But even the reluctant self portrait artist might get a kick out an app that puts a twist on the selfie: Frontback.

First snap a picture of what you see with the front-facing camera, then snap a selfie with your reaction using the back-facing camera. The app stacks them on top of each other. See Exhibit A here.

Yup, that's me (on the left).

Of course, Frontback lets you share your photo all sorts of ways across social media or old-fashioned email. Within the app itself there's a photo stream, much like you'd see on Instagram.

Frontback is available for Apple and, as of two weeks ago, Android smartphones.